aerial view of the Stratfield Historic District

Owning Property in the Stratfield Historic District

Things to Consider Before You Buy.

Living in the Stratfield Historic District comes with the joy of living in a beautiful and unique home, a neighborhood rich in architecture, membership in an association of community-minded residents, participation in preserving history, and stewardship in preparing our homes for the next generation. It also comes with responsibilities and obligations unique to owning a home in an historic district.

The homes in the Stratfield Historic District are included in both a national and a local historic district. While both designations are recognized for their importance, it is the local district that comes with guidelines and restrictions meant to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood. So what does this mean?

Any work done to the house that can be seen from the street must first be approved by the Stratfield Historic District Commission. This includes, but is not limited to, replacing a roof, proposed changes to windows and siding, and fencing. It does not include paint colors, and simple, routine repairs.

While a few people consider this an onerous obligation, the guidelines were established in order to maintain the uniqueness of the neighborhood, and why people were attracted to the District to begin with. Please review the section on ________________ that covers in more details what is, and not, allowed (for example, vinyl is not allowed) and how to apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness.

As you get to experience the neighborhood, you will see that some of the homes have vinyl siding and/or windows. Some of this work was done prior to the 199? establishment of the District; some of it was done in violation. These unfortunate installations are not precedent setting; each future request for changes is reviewed on the individual merit of the project.

For those thinking of buying a home in the Stratfield Historic, we encourage you to consider walking the Stratfield Historic District. If you see someone in their yard, please stop by to introduce yourself. We love talking about our homes and neighborhood.