aerial view of the Stratfield Historic District

Our Mission Statement

The Stratfield Historic District Association exists to promote and enhance the architectural integrity of the built properties and streetscapes of the Stratfield Historic District in Bridgeport, the 100th local historic district in the state of Connecticut.

Through membership activities, distribution of its newsletter, and public projects, the SHDA seeks to encourage an appreciation for historic preservation, encourage neighborhood beautification and home maintenance, and generally elicit cooperation from property owners for the betterment and improvement of the quality of life within the district. Specifically to:

  1. Foster an attitude of neighborhood spirit and involvement on the part of the residents of the SHDA through the development of social, cultural and educational programs in the SHDA area;
  2. Promote a closer association and cooperation among residents, business firms and city government for the general welfare, preservation and continued progress of the SHDA area and surrounding areas;
  3. Encourage high standards in the construction and upkeep of buildings and property in the SHDA area and surrounding areas;
  4. Encourage and integrate environmentally and socially aware concepts in the neighborhood;
  5. Promote and support the SHDA and our business community though work with governmental agencies, interested persons and the general public;
  6. Provide a forum for communicating issues pertinent to our community;
  7. Support the activities of the Stratfield Historic District Commission (SHDC).